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Are you ready to embark on an exciting entrepreneurial journey and unleash your potential with a globally recognized brand? Look no further as we have an incredible opportunity for you!

Join our team of passionate Avon Representatives and unlock a world of possibilities.

Why Choose Avon?

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A trusted brand

Avon has been a household name for decades, known for it's high quality beauty, personal care, and household products. When you represent Avon, you're representing a brand that customers trust and love.

flexibility and freedom

Flexibility & Freedom

As an Avon Representative, you are your own boss. Enjoy the freedom to work on your terms, set your own schedule, and determine your earning potential. Whether you're a stay at home parent, student, or someone seeking financial independence, Avon offers the flexibility you need.

Income and rewards

Income & Rewards

Avon offers a generous compensation plan, allowing you to earn commissions on your sales and build your own business. The more your sell, the more you can earn! Avon also provides exciting incentives, recognition programs, and exclusive perks to reward your hard work and dedication.

Training and supoort

Training & Support

We believe in your success! Avon offers comprehensive training programs, resources, and ongoing support to help you excel in your role. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or new to the direct-selling industry, we'll provide you with the tools and guidance you need to thrive.

Make a difference

Make a difference

Join a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact. Avon is dedicated to causes such as breast cancer awareness, domestic violence prevention and women's empowerment. As an Avon Representative, you can contribute to these initiatives and help create a better world.

Taking the first step is easy! Open your business today and we will work together to kick-start your Avon journey! Don't miss this chance to explore your potential, the Avon family is waiting for you!

  • How do I earn and get paid?
    Getting paid is simple. When customers shop with you online and select to have their order shipped directly to them, you earn commission. On orders shipped to you, your earnings are based on the difference between the discounted amount you pay and the full price your customer pays you. For example, as a new Representative your discount is 25% on all beauty products - your customer would pay you full brochure price.
  • How often do I have to place an order?
    Order as often as you want, whenever you want! Our most successful Representatives place orders each campaign (every two weeks), as well as share their online store link for 24/7 sales and commissions. To keep your account active and to stay up-to-date, we suggest placing an order in each campaign. We have plenty of training and development options to support you in growing your customer base!
  • Will I be assigned a territory?
    You will be happy to know that you can have customers and/or team members Canada wide! We will partner with you to strategize effective ways to promote your business online. Want to keep your business for friends, family, and co-workers only? That’s fine too. At Avon it’s your business, your way, always!
  • Do I need to stock inventory?
    At Avon, you do not need to spend money to make money! Your customers will place their orders with you resulting in ordering only what they require. Should you wish to keep stock of certain items, that is completely up to you.
  • Is there a sales quota I must meet every month?
    Not at all. However, if you are wanting to build a lucrative business, we will partner with you and discuss ways to source your customers in a way that resonates with you and fits your schedule.

Let's collaborate on your bright beautiful future.

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