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Cold Calls & Messaging & Why they're ineffective

When was the last time you received a message on social media? Honestly they happen daily, several times a day from multiple people. Far too often they are given the direction to connect with as many people as they can leaving them no time to truly connect with you, therefore the message or call seems to have a rushed generic quality.

Now I know I speak for some, maybe not all but receiving these messages/calls can be well, annoying. If a company/sales person truly appreciated me, or respected my time they would take the time to get to know their potential business partner or client before proceeding to "sell" us on their company & or products.

How often do you hear "sign up today" or "only 6 spots left"? This is to give you the sense of urgency and rush you into a quick decision so you don't know what you're saying yes or no to. The truth of the matter is there is no rush, there is a deadline in which they're trying to reach and you are just a pawn in their game. Now this can't be said about every single cold call/message but majority of them use this technique and I for one have had enough.

The chances of me connecting with someone half way across the world for a legitimate reason is slim to none with all of the scams out there today. We have to protect ourselves and if that means hitting the "block" button then so be it. An authentic person(s) with the intention of helping you will never stoop to this level to get your attention as they're more interested in authentic connections and respect your time and intellect.

So before you join that master class, or jump on the next band wagon ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this person REALLY want to "help" me or are they trying to help themselves?

  2. Is what they're promoting legitimate? If so - do your research!

  3. How does the call/message make you feel & are you prepared accept that into your daily life?

  4. Can you propose a later date to speak with them that's convenient for you? Take note of how they respond to your request.

  5. Does the message pop up instantly without seeing them type? (They're copying & pasting generic messages meant for everyone - not just you)

If anything I've said here resonates with you please consider being mindful with your online interactions and limit your connections to people who truly value you.

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