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Did you know it takes $27.40 a day to blow 10K in a year? Flip the switch with residual income.

That's right, in the span of 365 days 10 K is gone from our budgets just like that. When you think about it that way one has to ask one self... If it takes $27.40 a day to lose 10K in a year what if we flipped a switch and started earning $27.40 a day?

Okay, so that's a great question! Some folks are just scraping by with the cost living sky rocketing these days... So what's the secret? How are some comfortable and others struggling? Residual income!

What is residual income? And how can it help you?

Residual income flow added to your monthly budget can drastically increase how far your budget will stretch or even give you the ability to save money for rainier days.

What's a good way to earn residual income? Well... Believe it or not side hustles can be an excellent source of residual income flow. You want to look for gigs that don't require monetary investment... After all you want to earn more money, not give it away.

If it's free, it's not always to good to be true, but be sure to do your research with authentic sources. Let's take Avon as an example since I've been selling it for 4 years. When I started it was $10 to join and I thought what the hell, why not. I didn't need inventory and the most I could lose is 10 bucks. A lot has changed in 4 short years, now it's free to sign on and we have our own online stores to earn nation-wide. Oh, and the best part... You don't have to buy brochures anymore if you don't want to, your customers can view it directly on your site.

I've been doing this from the comforts of my home for 4 years. I rarely leave my home, finding new customers online or through word of mouth advertising is what works for me. Maybe that isn't something that resonates with you, that's okay! There are many ways to work an Avon business that fits all lifestyles and we will work with you to find the best fit for you. You may be A business owner, but you'll never be alone in business.

Now I want to be clear here, this isn't going to fall into your lap. No one is going to hand you a magical key to unlock the kingdom of customers. The beauty of it all is it truly is your business your way. You choose how much effort you want to put in, you learn at your own pace whenever the time suits you.

Here's an example of how you can earn:

As a brand new rep you start earning a 25% discount ~ how that works is your customer pays brochure price your discount comes off and you keep the difference! When customers order from your online store direct to their door you will earn a commission and Avon does the rest!

Are you up for making an extra 10k (or more)?

Start today @

Feel free to view my site and get to know me a little better or reach out anytime!

Laura - Creativity Coach ISL Avon

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