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How to have an Avon Fundraiser

First and foremost you want to consider which season you're in. If it's spring or summer 🦟 BUG GUARD 🦟 is the hero product that has huge popularity that time of year.

As we move into Fall and winter you may wish to consider 🫧 BUBBLE BATH 🫧 as the hero product.

In reality almost anything in the brochure is suitable for fundraising, but the two products above stand out.

With any fundraiser you'll want to partner with an organization, team, club or group. Afterall, the more hands helping you is the best way to reach your fundraising goal.

How it works:

  • Choose your hero product(s).

  • Set your fundraising dollar goal.

  • You & your rep will iron out the fine details together such as timeline & earnings.

  • Gather your team of individuals who will assist you in creating a buzz & get the ball rolling on sales.

  • You'll have a signup sheet to stay organized with sales & contact information.

  • Keep an open communication with your representative to ensure the best outcome.


  • Your fundraising goal is $1000 & your hero product is BUG GUARD.

  • You & your rep agree upon a suitable earnings; example $3 per bottle.

  • 15 people are helping you to reach your goal. Each person would sell 23 bottles to reach a goal of $1035!

This is such a great opportunity for sports teams, clubs, food drives, local families in need, community support, charity events and so much more!

Have an organization in mind that could benefit from a fundraiser? Reach out to your local Avon representative ~ we're here to help!

-Your local Saint John NB Avon Lady,

Laura Love

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