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Mission Luxereve

Yours truly got to try Avon's Luxury line Mission Luxereve! 🥰

💙 This is why I HAD to try this:

Have you heard of J-Beauty? I’ll explain 🤓

J-Beauty is a powerhouse of innovation. Its not limited to beauty or skincare products, in fact it encompasses the gamut of ingredients, rituals developed over centuries, healthcare regimes, research and technology that goes into the products, and so much more.

🙌🏼 Focussing on the minimalistic approach, using less steps in one’s routine compared to western skincare there’s much less room for error.

🏆 J-Beauty is known for Quality over Quantity. Since routines have fewer steps, each product needs to preform exceedingly well. To ensure this, only the highest-quality ingredients are used.

1️⃣ First I cleansed my face with the foaming wash, removed all the yucky impurities and excess sebum.

2️⃣ Second I used the serum, it promotes visibly flawless even complexion and helps boost elasticity and firmness.

3️⃣ Third I used the eye cream, this targets anti-aging for the delicate skin around your eyes.

4️⃣ Lastly I used the silky soft cream to lock all of the goodness in. This helps tighten and sculpt for a more youthful appearance with intense moisture.

My thoughts 💭

Overall my skin looked gorgeous, I felt like I’d had been pampered to the max. My skin felt smooth, hydrated and healthy. Waking up the next day my skin looked like I’d already did skincare for the day but I hadn’t. So it is really long lasting even while you sleep. A huge win!

All of the products above contain these key ingredients:

🪴 Cytoferm: Combines 86 different plants harvested over FOUR seasons for peak potency, then fermented for another year to achieve maximum efficiency.

🍇 Wineferm: A wine extract from naturally fermented grapes with a higher content of polyphenols and anthocyanins than natural grapes; this enhances antioxidant activity.

Would you ever try J-Beauty?

Where to get it: Avon

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